“I have been blessed with having found the most talented, gifted, professional and nurturing acupuncturist. Not to mention, an amazing person that simply wants to help people. Kyung-Ha saved my life, literally, and I have been going to her ever since ~ over 8 years now. I have referred friends ~ strangers ~ who have been suffering from pain, ailments ~ given tons of meds to cover the symptoms of a problem, etc. After receiving treatment, their lives have changed ~ pain gone, no more meds, stress gone, happier people. If you are ever considering acupuncture, this is where you need to go. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this one. As an added benefit, you meet incredible, happy, kind people in the waiting area ~ with amazing stories. Don’t just take my word for it ~ listen to their stories.” ~ H.M.F


”I was referred to Kyung-Ha by a friend and am so thankful. She has been helpful to me in so many ways beyond Acupuncture. I look so forward to my appointments – how unusual is that for someone to say regarding the health/medical profession! Seems so many people are skeptics but once you try it you will be hooked just like me and Kyung-Ha will help you feel alive inside. I highly recommend Oriental Healing Arts Clinic.” ~ M.R.


“I had a surgery in 2004 that would not heal properly causing a great number of other medical issues as well. Two years later after seeing multiple specialists in varying fields with no positive relief or results I was devastated. A kind soul told me about Kyung-Ha when I expressed my utter frustration of my situation to them. I saw Kyung-Ha on October 23 and by December 23, I was giving out her name and number to everyone I cared about that had some type of ailment. Kyung-Ha not only cured me physically, but has since made me whole as a person (which incidentally I did not know I was lacking). I have sent my husband and children there for various reasons ~ all with great results. From the moment you arrive you are enveloped in the warmth of Kyung-Ha and her mother, as well as your insides are nourished by her homemade tea. It is a quaint, homey office and very relaxing (because you can find yourself snoring even if you usually don’t). I wish you could bottle this whole experience and give it to non-believers ~ you just have to try it to believe it!” ~ S.D.


“Oriental Healing Arts Clinic and Kyung-Ha is truly amazing…. Coming from a true skeptic~ someone who was not only skeptical, but also so scared to experience acupuncture, I reluctantly went to the clinic. I was at the point of desperately… needing relief from a shoulder injury that “nothing” else had worked on… several people had highly recommended Kyung-Ha and had told me their healing stories…. I finally did go and experienced the power of the phenomenon of acupuncture and Kyung-Ha’s magical ways myself. Needless to say within a matter of weeks I was completely pain free. I also had never slept better, felt better mentally and physically. This was a couple of years ago… I took a little time off but now I am back. I have sent literally dozens of people to Kyung-Ha… my mom being the most recent…(all the way from Newton). When I find something this good I love to share!!!” ~C.B.H.


“Approximately 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. This left me in constant chronic pain in every major joint. I was put on high doses of prednisone (steroids), so on top of being cranky due to the achiness of my joints, I was an emotional roller-coaster, gaining lots of weight and quite honestly, no fun to be around! About two and a half years ago, a very dear friend recommended that I come with her on her next acupuncture appointment. I heard many, many great stories and examples of how this very special acupuncturist helped her in so many ways, emotionally, personally and with specific health issues. I agreed to go with her, and over two years later, I still go faithfully every week. Kyung-Ha is an amazing healer. Since seeing her, my prednisone doses have been lowered immensely, I can go on daily walks again (PAIN FREE) and I have maintained my weight in a healthy zone. Not only is she a healer, she knows her patients well. She takes the time to know them personally and what is going to be the best treatment option to suit their needs. Anyone who is looking for an acupuncturist should definitely go in for a visit. Not only will you feel better, you will meet a truly wonderful person.” ~ C.H.


“I have been going here for 8 years now.  I go if I have some virus or any ache and pain.  Extremely intuitive treatments, helping heal mind and body.  I also bring my children and they love the treatments and respond remarkably.” ~L.P.